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Endo Health Allocates $55 Million for Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlement

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Specialty pharmaceutical company Endo Health Solutions will allocate $55 million as settlement of vaginal mesh lawsuits filed by an undisclosed number of plaintiffs who have suffered serious injuries arising from their use of its product, Bloomberg reports.

The injury lawyer newswire reports that the company disclosed settlementpreparations in a recent deposition it has filed with Securities and Exchange Commission. It was not revealed which or how many of the vaginal mesh lawsuits will be involved in planned payout. This does not affect the majority of vaginal mesh lawsuits filed in state and federal courts against Endo Health and its subsidiary, American Medical Systems.

The Rottenstein Law Group, which helps clients injured by vaginal mesh devices, has been encouraged by the $55 million Endo Health settlement report. This development, taken with the recent victories of Linda Gross and Christine Scott, may bode well for the thousands of women injured by vaginal mesh devices.


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